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Custom Shopify
Visual Design


Amble Studio
PhantomOwl Digital

Helping Gee Beauty bring you the world’s best skincare and cosmetic brands

Once again joining forces with with the design team at Amble Studio, we built not one, but two, custom Shopify themes: one the Canadian market, the other for the U.S.

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Gee Beauty

Gee Beauty

Making gorgeous look great.

We built Gee a custom product template to make adding unique content like video tutorials, key ingredients, and product-specific testimonials a breeze. A recurring payments feature and 'pairs well with' function were also built in for good measure.

Membership has it’s privledges.

We integrated several customer loyalty incentive functions: the Gee Beauty Marks points program, a free shipping threshold notificatcion on the cart page, and a free samples selector at checkout.

Custom fields for a custom experience.

We added several custom fields to Shopify's dashboard, allowing the client to tailor each product to include unique video tutorials, ingredient lists, and testimonial quotes.


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Stay Gorgeous at the Gee Beauty Studios


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Gee Beauty modern makeup. The world's best skincare + lifestyle brands. Result-driven treatements including brows, lashes, makeup + high-tech facials. Curated by The Gee Women.

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